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Welcome to tradeTokri, where you can find a Trusted "Business Development Partner" for your company and your enterpreneurship journey. We are not a "High Payee Consultant". We are not "Angreji Bla Bla Type Corporate Player". Rather we are partner in your journey.

Business Development is key for any business, as getting orders is very very important for any organization to sustain and grow. We provide solution and bring business for you.

Sales is very very important for any organization. Timely getting orders at right price is crucial for survival for any startups or any small business. At the same time, getting orders is a costly affair too. Whom to talk. Whom to connect. Howto connect. Where to go. These are the few very critical questions which is very important to answer to start discussion with any customer companies. Talking and meeting the right person is also time consuming and incurs lot of expenses. Hiring a bunch of Sales Team is also not easy and tedious task and incurs lot of fixed expenses every month.

Here we support each other. We support you in getting Business Development and we work as a partner. It is within your budget and pocket friendly.


We believe in - कर्म ही पूजा है & ग्राहक ही देवता है।
Every Feedback of customers is important. However you will sometime find wrong complaint also but it is our quick response who stops such wrong information from Customer Side.

We are currently serving EV companies with limited products and services. But slowly we will increase our portfolio. Our commitment is to give you right guidance and right information. We are well connected with our phone 90688 10688.

We are Business Development Partner for Electric Vehicle landscape

Production Optimization:

Our expert consultants specialize in enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of electric vehicle production processes. From supply chain optimization to production line integration, we meticulously analyze every aspect of your manufacturing operations to maximize output, minimize waste, and streamline your EV production.

Design Development Excellence:

n the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles, design is paramount. Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of experience in EV design development, ensuring that your vehicles not only meet but exceed market expectations. We blend aesthetics with functionality, delivering designs that captivate consumers and set new standards in the electric mobility landscape.

Business Development Strategies:

Crafting a successful trajectory in the electric vehicle industry requires strategic foresight and comprehensive business development plans. Trade Tokri excels in formulating customized strategies that encompass market analysis, competition mapping, and regulatory compliance. Whether you are a startup venturing into EVs or an established player seeking expansion, our consultants are dedicated to propelling your business toward sustainable growth.

Technology Integration:

Staying at the forefront of technological advancements is key to success in the electric vehicle sector. Our consultants are adept at identifying and integrating the latest technologies, from advanced battery systems to intelligent connectivity solutions. We guide you in adopting innovations that enhance the performance, safety, and marketability of your electric vehicles.

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We also Provide Exquisite Business Advice And Invest In Tomorrow’s Leaders

Financial support

Full-fledged financial support for struggling businesses

Investment Advice

Thorough investment analysis with outstanding advice

Planning For tax

Pre-planned tax policies to save businesses from critical situation

Insurance Guidance

Top-notch insurance guidance for small businesses to survive

Business Layout

Well-planned business layout for offline or online businesses

Business Development

Innovative ideas for new businesses to run better in the industry


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